Welcome ot the Ultimate Ryugyong Hotel Guide

It’s fair to say that the good old Ryugyong Hotel has had more than its fair share of bed press, having sat idle for 20 years and of course gaining the unfortunate moniker of the “Hotel of Doom” from the tabloid Daily Mail, but for me at least this hardly tells the story at all, of what aside from being the tallest unoccupied building in the world, is also one of its most iconic, and indeed interesting.

I want go into the facts, theories and the whatever’s about the Ryugyong Hotel here, as that’s exactly what this site is about (please do browse). This blog is merely to introduce our page dedicated to the Ryugyong Hotel.

For me personally I first visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea way back in 2008. At that time Pyongyang, and North Korea were a very fifferent place than they are today (in many ways). Over the last 11 years Pyongyang has particularly blossomed into a very modern well lit up city, with the Ryugyong Hotel really epitomizing this.

Eleven years ago the hotel was famously a shell, a shell with a big rusty crane on top, but since 2008 changes have been occurring, slowly perhaps, but the building at least looks the part, even if it is not open.

This brings us to the question of if the Ryugyong Hotel will ever open at all? There’s a lot of speculation about this coming from both sides of the divide, but my personal opinion is that even if they can open a few floors at a time, it can be seen as a success for the Korean people, and at least then it will no longer be unoccupied.

And that’s pretty much the story of this blog! Please read, comment, and indeed feel free to get in touch about all things Ryugyong Hotel!

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