3 Revolutions Exhibition


The 3 revolutions exhibition in Pyongyang is one of the least visited but in my mind the most interesting places to visit in North Korea. There are a number of reasons that make it interesting, but in the interests of this blog, it is the scale model of what the Ryugyong Hotel would/will look like if/when it is completed.

The exhibition/museum represents the 3 revolutions of President Kim Il Sung, namely ideological, technical and cultural. The 3 revolutions exhibition was opened in 1983 and was expended in 1993. In many ways, it exists to show the technological advances that North Korea has made over the years, with one section being almost entirely dedicated to vehicles, and another still dedicated to space, and the North Korean space program.

The space part is extremely interesting, and there is a very infamous video that you get to watch. There might even be clips of it on YouTube, as well as a planetarium.

The rest of the exhibition is split into electronics, heavy industry, agriculture, class education, and technology.

In the main hall, there are many to scale models, showing power plants, trains, and of course my favorite bit! The scale model of an open finished Ryugyong Hotel.

What an open Ryugyong Hotel would look like has been covered throughout the site, and indeed in at least one blog that I have written specifically about the topic! But it is at the 3 Revolutions Exhibition where you get to see first-hand how grandiose a project it was.

What many don’t realize is it was not just a big hotel, but was intended to be a huge complex with many other, sadly also unfinished buildings surrounding it.

Not many tours visit the 3 revolutions, which is a shame, but it is worth adding if you have an independent tour, or at least trying to find one which has it on the itinerary.


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